Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Review : Diesel Fuel For Life

The scents are not earth-shatteringly original, but very attractive. At first sniff I thought it would be my favorite, and it would be another irritant fresh, "young" little thing, but the first impression was misleading. Fuel for life, he very attractive, with dry, a vague gourmand accord of star anise and grapefruit and something nutty and creamy, perhaps heliotrope. Since the flavor of progress, but became heavy and strangely watery, with lavender and wood, which agreements, aggressive, hard, that I just can not stomach.

Fuel for life for her, but even if initially a little worried with its bright freshness, developed in a charming youth in the summer dishes mandarin and blackcurrant rounded with a soft patchouli note. It smelled of wear Pamplelune, sunny and slightly spicy and fun. Actually, I do not exclude want to wear it from time to time to feel "alive".