Thursday, December 24, 2009

Review : Bvlgari AQVA Pour Homme (2005)

"Inspiration for my Bvlgari AQVA Pour Homme comes from deep water," said Cavallier. To cause the smell of deep water, he used the notes of mandarin, petitgrain, santolina, Posidonia, Mineral Amber and garden sage. I have a friend who loves all ozonic, marine and fresh "scents, so last summer when I was two large sample vials Bvlgari AQVA Pour Homme, gave him the samples and asked him to let me know what you think of the taste. "It smells bad," he said. I made a note to try Bvlgari AQVA Pour Homme immediately, at least I knew it was not your run-of-the-mill ozonic/marine/fresh cologne (sorry friend, but I have talked to your tastes perfume face of the person).

Bvlgari AQVA Pour Homme starts with strong flavors petitgrain mandarin - a welcome change from a single hole in Bergamo many men fragrances flow. Within minutes, citrus and spicy herbal notes fade is the first place. Posidonia, one aquatic plant that grows abundantly in the Mediterranean Sea and the waters of Australia, is a note in two perfume perfume Bvlgari AQVA Pour Homme.

I've never smelled the fragrance note in isolation, but I believe that accounts for light, clean, slightly salty and "thin" in two flavors Aqua perfume. Posidonia but can not compete with sour note Bvlgari AQVA Pour Homme and santolina. For me, santolina leaves smell of oil, I'm always on a dark green, dark, molasses-like substance when I get santolina strong wind and I like perfume.

Bvlgari AQVA Pour Homme is aquatic in nature, but it does not smell of sea water. When you wear this perfume, my imagination, once again, and I took the coast where smelt of damp, pilings and barnacled Moorings; tarred piers, seaweed and warm ocean breezes that are fragrant with the aroma of hot engines, boats and sweet smelling exhaust gases. In fact, Bvlgari AQVA Pour Homme fragrance reminds me of the Seattle ferry terminal! If you like gasoline, or dry tar "flavor note in Christian Dior Fahrenheit, I bet you would like Bvlgari AQVA Pour Homme. Santolina / Agreement Posidonia started well but quickly intensified. At the end of development I Bvlgari AQVA Pour Homme fragrance weak, dry / chalky amber. Bvlgari AQVA Pour Homme is a spicy and very dark on my skin that lasts for three hours or more (which is good, I like santolina / note oil, but do not think I would want to smell it more than three hours).

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