Friday, December 18, 2009

Review : Davidoff Cool Water for Men

Davidoff Cool Water is one of the most popular men's fragrances on the market for more than 25 years. It offers dual fresh-spicy taste that is ideal for beginners in the flavor, or for those who do not want to show you. Cool Water was launched in 1988, more than 15 years of the Davidoff Group and Lancaster, after the successful launch of Davidoff Classic (1984) and Zino Davidoff (1986).

Cool Water from the deep blue sea inspired the warm air of summer flowers from the trees and the smell of ripe fruit. This is truly more controversial fragrance, energizing and sensitive and full of contradictions, just like a real man. First, slowly and quietly powerful and intense later shows Eros rights.

Comments in lukewarm water:
Lavender, rosemary, mint, Cariander, Orange
Blossom, Jasmine, Geranium
Sandalwood, Moss, Ambergris, musk

The relationship between cigars and Davidoff Davidoff Cool Water is coumarin, which is used to give a taste for cigars and perfume. However, coumarin is an essential part of all major flavors FOUGERE. Coumarin is found in many plants such as lavender, woodruff and sweet clover, and also in strawberries, apricots, cherries and cinnamon. Clearly coumarin just smells like vanilla, but what little flavor there is bitter.

For Zino Davidoff
Zino Davidoff, the cigar legendary king was born in Belarus in 1906. He was asked to leave their homeland and settled in Italy with his parents. He began his passion for tobacco, inherited from their parents and quickly became the most successful businessman in this field in Europe. He has a lot of trips made to enlarge his knowledge of cigars, including South Africa, Cuba and Indonesia. He is the one who started a world-famous Havana cigars, Davidoff. He died in 1994.

The Bottle
The blue color reflects the freshness of cool water, and the square bottle and dishonest letters reveal a difference in flavor, both contemporary and classic. Since this is a popular flavor, this is available in a combined package with the aftershave and shower gel which is excellent value for money.

Who should / can use Davidoff Cool Water?
How can I tell you, perfume is good for you? This should be based on personal taste with the two general criteria:
1. You should feel comfortable wearing that perfume.
2. People around you accept you're wearing.
Yes, my first advice is to go to the store and put perfume on your wrist to try. During the first 20-30 minutes, just smell the head notes. I recommend you go and notes for the body, not every shop and see if the smell of an hour later. You need to keep your girlfriend must take.

Many people say that Coolwater the "old" smell, however, disagree with him. First, much of fragrances for men over 20 years later, good smells more like men's fashion - changes little by little, and the fundamental principles remain the same in the long term. Moreover, more than 25 years on the market tells me that this scent is proven to be a popular flavor, many others have simply disappeared after 2-3 years because nobody wants them.

So, since this is a classic perfume, this means two things for you: it is absolutely proven, you can not really go wrong with that, but on the other hand, not very original, as many people know it and use it. Therefore, it can attempt to start, or those who will not spend too much time not to find the perfect scent for them, those who just want a kind of perfume.

In addition, if you're someone who goes with the latest trends and current date in fashion, Cool Water will be the right match for warm clothes. Cool Water is more than someone who pays attention to his clothes, but prefer not extravagant appearance. In my opinion, Cool Water polo with jeans and a very good game together.

Since I prefer men who do not show image mode with his clothes and the smell, it is solid and distinctive, but show their value only by direct observation. I think, Cool Water is an excellent medium for this picture, so if you want to behave this way, you must try.

If you are a woman and want to offer a flavor for your partner, Davidoff Cool Water is safe to try.

Where and when to wear Davidoff Cool Water
Since this is a fresh scent, I wear it for a night of love (you can try a little spice to the evening), and as a result of fresh tuna in the morning rather than not. Mid-day and afternoon relaxation is best for cold water. For sports activities, a simpler and clearer fresh flavor is better.

As a result of eroticism in the background odor, I would not risk a serious business meeting, though he has a great flavor for all cases of women, most of my friends just love the smell of Cool Water, despite its wide use.

Personally, I use only fragrance free bathroom things, because it allows me complete freedom to choose a flavor and aroma of perfume is much better regulated in intensity and integrity, then these shampoos and others.

To fill the cold water, I would opt for a cleaner, sporting citrus flavors and spicier, heavier flavor based on tonight.

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