Friday, December 18, 2009

Review : Calvin Klein Eternity for Men

Calvin Klein Eternity for Men
Tonight the Badger will review long aftershave in his collection, Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein.
My new bottle of eternity set me back £ 29.50 per bottle of 50ml EDT boots. Calvin Klein All products are widespread in the best perfume counters in most major supermarkets, but you will see that it is cheaper online at

Once, in accordance with other scents, Calvin Klein comes in a minimalist package that is easily recognizable. The course consists of a gray card and is transported through the eternity ahead. Bottle itself is not anything special, made of glass, it is a sign that these smells should not be something special in order to avoid attracting attention to themselves.

Notes for eternity is described as fresh, warm scent of lavender and nutmeg combined with tobacco!

On the first aftershave smelled application very striking, heavy with musk and delicate spicy undertones. Personally, I can smell the combination of lavender and tobacco, and to be honest, fresh scent does nothing for me.

Because of the strong character of the fragrance is required only a small amount to provide odor over the first application. Saving grace for eternity, is the fact that the smell changes dramatically after five to ten minutes. It is a little easier, the buttons completely disappear from the leaves of tobacco in a sharp citrus flavor that is very easy for the nose. Lavender and lemon become visible and woody remained quiet.

Although you can not get easier, the smell is still clear that the bearer and those around him.

I personally receive a compliment, mostly because it is so sweet fragrance that will long stay with the carrier for more than 8 hours. Even compliments when I wear Eternity class would mainly as a day fragrance, or more formal opportunity to get it, but definitely not for this special day or night on the town. There is a better taste pile ladies.

I would say that this fragrance is aimed at those aged over 25 years.
There is no smell to attract, but is recommended.

50ml bottle of Eternity will be absolutely ages, which makes buying a very good value for money and the perfect gift for that person to £ 29.50 in your life this Christmas.

Eternity is one of the first fragrance launched by Calvin Klein and more years, a successful formula has not changed. They do not. Eternity for men who like a mixture of flavors that combine to create a sustainable and long lasting flavor production.

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